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"LFGuild on Gate of Madness(PvX)

What's up my guys, i'm here becuase i'm a returning player after a long time( i beleive last time was PoF launch), and I need a new guild to kinda get back into the groove. I have lvl 80 characters but never really got to start the endgame. I mainly want to do raids and WvW, but also just chilling sounds fun too. I can pretty much mold to what is needed for a raid team, and I have raid experience in other games so it won't take me too much time to learn it all. In terms of WvW, it just sounds fun as heck so i want to do more of that, but with a guild. Anyway I just want to hang out with soem cool dudes, kick some butt, and look hella good while doing it, so if that sounds liek your type of thing i'll put my username down below
(Also i'm not cursing purely becuase I don't know if its allowed in the forums, i'm not 14 I promise)