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{NA PVX} Women Accept Power [WAP] is recruiting!!


We are a ladies only guild, For Ladies who are looking to explore, be themselves and have fun enjoying this amazing game together! Let's come together and EMPOWER each other, We are all amazing! LGBTQ+ friendly!
We are a growing community, with ladies willing to help each other in every way they can!

-We have a full schedule with lots of fun events running weekly that include: WvW(GoM) |Fractals | Ladies Night | hp trains | Gathering/mining runs | Meta Trains | PoF Bounty Trains | Dungeons you name it!

  • We do require you to rep us when doing events :3
  • We have an active discord with our full schedule in it!
  • New ladies are welcomed. We love to teach and show you around the game.
  • We accept ALL ladies for WHO they are! We are very accepting.

To join please send a message to me or one of my officers in game: Ryka.4312 , Little Red Hood.7268 , JayeOtoso.3801 , Spookiiez.5978



  • Love this guild!!

  • I'm a very nervous person who can be pretty shy at first, but I wanted a guild where I felt at home. I also wanted a guild that was LGBT friendly, especially towards transwomen. That was the most important part for me as a trans ally and I would not be in a guild that wasn't accepting. WAP has hit every single one of my bars that I had and more. This community really is a family and we protect, love, and support one another. Ryka made this guild so that we could have our own safe space away from creeps that would harass us. This isn't a community to try and exclude men. It's a community where we, as women, can feel safe and share our experiences as women with one another.

  • While I'm relatively new to GW2, and still new to the guild, I have never felt more at home in a guild in any MMO I have been a part of. Their acceptance of the LGBT community, and everyone as a whole, is absolutely amazing and it's totally due to the amazing women within WAP. I myself tend to be a very shy person, never wanting to really communicate with voice chat, due to a number of issues, but these women broke me out of my shell. The community, as it totally is a better term than guild, is highly supportive of each other and will help with anything be it in game or irl.