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Runes Of Vampirism

Hello, so i came back from loooong GW2 hibernation, and now im playing around with runes and builds etc...

Now i found out nice combo of "runes of vampirism" (regain 10% health on killing a foe) with necromancer's blood magic trait "Blood bank".
BUT it doesnt seem to work :-(
For one, it feels like the heal from the runes doesnt proc- it definitely doesnt show in combat log (i have 27k HP, so i should see some +2.7k heals/ barriers)... As for the second part, im definitely not geting any barrier from those :-( They shouldnt have an ICD and it shouldnt be a regeneration effect (gw2 wiki says its a heal) so it should work... in theory :-P Any ideas about that? Ofc no heals in shroud, but unshrouded it should work...

Thanks for looking into this, or telling me where my logic went wrong :-P


  • Virdo.1540Virdo.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Back then, when the Blood Bank trait came into the game, there were many builds utilizing BB&Runes of Vampirism.
    Iirc , the synergy between those has worked back then. May be some bug that came up last time they changed smthg with BB.

  • Illumine Sparkler.6019Illumine Sparkler.6019 Member ✭✭
    edited April 6, 2021

    it won’t do anything if your already above health with barrier, ie it won’t increase the barrier by 2.7k on kill. It’s also never going to give you 2.7k health as a heal, it’s 10% of your health not 10% of your max health, if your down to 1k health for example when it triggers you would get 100 health back. At least that’s how I understand it to work.

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  • currently it seems to do... nothing. i engage a mob, let it hit get me down to 20k so now the moment mob dies i should get either 2.7k (10% max hp) or 2k if it is 10% of current HP... but it seems to do... nothing :-( there is nothing in combat log, no green numbers... nada :-(

  • Khisanth.2948Khisanth.2948 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just tested this in VB. It works fine and it is in fact 10% of your max health not current health. The healing only shows up as a green number but not in the combat log. Healed for 2223 with 22,233 max health.