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Swarm Intelligence Skin Line

Okay, I really love the design of the new scepter skin introduced with the Skritt faction.

Unfortunately, I am maining engineer (basically just play this class 99% of the time) and when we saw that skin teased in the trailer, I was really hyped since I love the aesthetic so much. Just to find out today that it is a standalone scepter skin....

Is there any chance that more of these can get released in the future, giving us an entire weapon skin set for them? Hell, I would pay gems for more of these.


  • I feel the same way. I too love the aesthetic and when I saw it in the trailer and I was soo hyped and prepared for a whole set. I haven’t even logged in yet but when I saw this post my heart sank. Hopefully a full set comes later. A hammer, sword, shield and rifle would have been wonderful.