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[Suggestion] DRMs

Noah Salazar.5430Noah Salazar.5430 Member ✭✭✭

If i can suggest, it culd be good idea to change a way to get in to privat DRMs to how it looks like it is in Fractals/Dungeons

Sometimes if person in your team dc/crash that person can't back to instantion(cuz if he try he will end up in diferent instantion), so as team we have only 2 options : Reset whole DRM, or countiune witchout that person

It culd help much if it was like in dungeons/fractal when you can come in to instantion whenever you want ratcher then like it is now like with personal story system

Thats my feedback, hope it will be taken by good way ^^
And if system will be change in future, i hope it will help ppl with unstabile connections and thay teams ;)