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How do I report possible botting with the Trading Post?

I think there might be someone using a bot to bid on the trading post. How do I report this behavior?

Someone is cancelling and placing bids on the Errol armor among other items almost 24 hours of the day. Those are just the easiest to test with. If you place a new bid then the person will cancel and re-bid for another 20 within 3-4 minutes. There seems to be about 20 items that I can see where the person is doing this but I would imagine that there are a lot more. The bidding looks to be happening on an item by item basis which is very difficult for a person to do for a prolonged period of time. For example, if I outbid 2 of the 6 Error armor items then only those 2 bids will be cancelled and rebid. That takes time yet this person is able to constantly cancel and replace bids almost 24 hours a day.


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    You don't. At least, not in-game. There is no way for players to see who is bidding/offering items on the TP.

    If you are sure enough of TP bot activity, your best option would be to file a ticket and include information about items, quantities, time of the day and ideally a video recording of the suspicious behaviour.

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    This may be completely legitimate, or at least not against the terms of service.
    There are certain APIs available that let you see the current bid and ask prices on the trading post (this is how things like gw2efficiency works, as well as the wiki displaying current prices for certain items).
    With that, someone could set up what items they are bidding for, and their current bid price, and use that API to watch when they are outbid. When they are outbid, they get a message, and then manually go in and cancel & rebid. As long as that last bit is done manually (not by script), I believe all of this is completely within terms of the game.
    I think it would be really hard to prove that a person was using a program to cancel & rebid vs them doing it manually.