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RE: The new Mushrooms and Trampolines in SAB

Thank you.

Whoever did this, you are a saint. This was the biggest issue I had with SAB for years, and I can't imagine it was easy to do given the game's spaghetti coding, but thank you so, so much for this. We used to have to just pray to RNG that we'd even get the bounce on places like the Pain Cliffs and especially during tribulation where everything is a trap it was just absurd to think that we had to tolerate that and nobody would ever try to fix it.

I don't know how you did it with the outdated coding, but thank you again so much for fixing this. It's improved the experience exponentially.


  • Quench.7091Quench.7091 Member ✭✭✭

    The mushrooms are super responsive now. You can touch the side of a mushroom and it will still spring you up, which gives a lot of needed room for error on the server side of things. The trampolines on the other hand still seem to lack this room for error. There have been times when I don't bounce during my tribulation runs in World 2 Zone 2, even after their efforts to fix the issue.

  • nosleepdemon.1368nosleepdemon.1368 Member ✭✭✭

    The Trampolines on w2z2 as mentioned by ^, were my greatest source of rage. I can't remember how many lives were used up in that section alone but on Trib mode, that particular area was tied with the trib cloud on the same map as the most irritating part of Trib mode. God kitten that cloud, it's the only reason I never managed a perfect clear of that zone.