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[NA]Darkhaven New Player Looking for Guild:

Crown.3659Crown.3659 Member
edited April 8, 2021 in Looking For Guild

I am a long time MMORPG player who has not played GW2 much since launch. I've recently decided to give the game another try as there isn't much to offer in way of new MMORPGs out there. I've been watching some youtube videos and messing around but would like to find a guild to socialize with.

Sometimes it can be hard to get into a new game without friends! But I have experienced end game content and raiding in many other MMOs.

I did purchase the expansions and I have the 80 boost available which I haven't used yet. I've enjoyed the change of pace so far and combat system so looking to take a step further. If you have an active Discord/voice chat and welcoming environment for new players please let me know.

Thank you,