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Character Background: Feedback Requested

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I am planning on engaging in a little bit of roleplay with my characters and came up with the following for my ranger. I would love to get some feedback from the community regarding how it fits with lore, etc.

Name: Cymboric Treewalker
Race: Human
Profession: Ranger
Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 28
Birthday: 83 Colossus 1306
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence: In the field with his animal companions
Next of Kin: If there are any he is unaware of them

Early Life
For most of his life, Cymboric lived a simple life in Ebonhawke with his adoptive parents. His parents raised him to study weapons including the bow, sword, dagger, and axe. As he grew older he would spar against members of the Ebon Vanguard. One of his favorite soldiers was Archer Leona. When he reached the age of majority he asked his parents about his birth family. They refused to tell him anything other than they had lived in Kryta. They tried to tell him that the past was often best left in the past.

The Grand Trip
With a desire to find out what happened to his parents Cymboric turned down Commander Varalyn's invitation to join the Ebon Vanguard. Instead, he chose to make a trek to Kryta. Left Ebonhawke by the Hawkgates and paused on a ledge overlooking Sniper's Woods. On his way through the fields of ruin Cymboric came across a bear who had been killed by trophy hunters. Some in Eban Hawke liked to adorn their walls with the heads of animals to prove their martial prowess. Disrespecting an animal in this way was abhorrent to Treewalker. He decided he needed to stop and bury the animal properly. Its spirit would hopefully find peace. He had intended to travel further but when he was finished burying the animal he decided to make camp for the night. That morning he woke to the wet sloppy licks of a young bear cub. Realizing that the bear he had buried the day before was likely the cub's mother. He did not need another mouth to feed but the cub would likely not survive on its own. There was no choice the cub, if willing, would travel with him.

Blazenridge Steppes
As a youth he had heard several travelers say that they hugged the western wall of mountains to get to the Plains of Ashford, He was glad he took this path and his journey was uneventful. The bear cub was making a good companion. Cymboric decided his companion needed a name and decided to call him Joe.

Plains of Ashford
Treewalker traveled south and then west going through the Loreclaw Expanse. He met Mel Hawkslayer who told him how to navigate through the Windrock Maze. His one mistake was sleeping in the Abbey Ruins. That night he was assaulted by apparitions from the distant past of Ascalon. Ghost stuck in a war with the Charr. After a short walk, he realized that he would have slept better if he traveled a little further to Ashford Forum. He made a mental note of this for future trips. When he arrived at Lake Adorea he was struck by the beauty of the land and the awe-inspiring view. This was so much more beautiful than Ebanhawke. He thought to himself that the separatists in Ebonhawke were wrong about the Charr. They had not spoiled the land with machinery and iron buildings. The Blueberries here were the best he had ever eaten. Picked fresh off the bush or when he made a cobbler.

His first taste of battle came in an encounter with a contingent of Fire Legion as he made his way from Lake Adorea to Victor’s Presidium. His ability to hit and run taking shots with his trusty longbow made short work of them. At one point when a Charr got too close Joe sprung into action taking the foe down. After the skirmish, he topped a ridge and was confronted with the huge metal structure of the Black Citadel. He was appalled by the cold steel walls and billowing plumes of toxic smoke rising into the sky. However, he would not judge The Charr, it was not his place.

Black Citadel
When he entered the Black Citadel he was even more taken back. There was more metal than he thought existed in the world. The trees were singletons and looked out of place amongst the war machines and metal walls. This was not a place he could ever call home. He wondered if all Charr liked this way of life or if some preferred the call of the wild.

Diessa Plateau
As he left the Black Citadel a kindly older Charr offered him advice on getting to Lion’s Arch. “Take the Asuran Gate. It is quick and you avoid having to meet the Norn.” However, Cymboric was not comfortable with taking the gates. He preferred to walk through nature and enjoy the sunlight on his face. Perhaps, if he was in a hurry, he would take a gate. When he said he had no intention of taking the gate the Charr told him to stick with the western shelf until he got to Fallen Hopes Pass.

Wayfarer Foothills
Here he paused and remembered that he needed to turn south and travel along the eastern ridgeline. When he came to a waterfall Treewalker turned west. until he reached Frostcreek Steading. No one was there and he was not comfortable entering. He took a quick break and ate some of his hardened rations. Breakneck Pass was not far to the south and Hoelbrak Lodge not much farther beyond that. He was looking forward to fresh food and restocking his traveling supplies. However, before he could get thee three Norn who called themselves Svanir blocked the way along the road. They ordered him to turn around or face death. Treewalker noticed that Joe was tense and facing the way they had come. This seemed to indicate that they were stalling while yet more Svanir prepared to attack him from behind. Not wanting to be caught in a trap he fired his arrows and yelled “Sic ‘em” to Joe. The bear quickly turned around and launched at the Svanir blocking the way.

Hoelbrak Lodge
He entered through the Eastern Watchpost. Here Cymboric felt comfortable despite the large buildings and masses of people. After a brief stay and a warm mug of ale, he departed Hoelbrak with renewed determination, a full belly, and new supplies. He was told by a friendly Norn guide that he should head south through the Dredgehaunt Cliffs on his way to Lornar’s pass.

Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Here he hugged the northern ledge and crossed a treacherous rope bridge in the howling winter winds. He presented an offering to Leopard. After that, he turned south and traveled down the edge of Wyrmblood Lake. The path was narrow and treacherous but the guide told him this would ensure he avoided Svanir patrols.

Lornar’s Pass
He entered Lornar’s Pass near Winterthaw Snowfield. After coming through the pass he was told to turn directly north until he came upon the wreckage of some old machine. He found the wreckage easily and was unsure if this was of Charr or Dredge design. Following the guide's instructions, he then turned due west. Despite driving wind and bitter cold he and the bear cub pushed on. He came upon a small group of priory members at a place called Rocklair. They offered him a tent for the evening and he enjoyed the warmth of their fire and their company. When he awoke in the morning the weather had cleared and he could make out the outline of the pass to the Bloodtide Coast. He was getting closer to Lion’s Arch.

Bloodtide Coast
He kept going west until he came to the gates of Lion’s Arch. Along the way, he took some time to enjoy a view from atop a beautiful waterfall. From this vantage point, he admired the lush green valley and the swaying palm trees. The humidity was much higher here than in his home. He turned to the west and could see Lion’s Arch in the distance.

Lion's Arch
He came to Lion’s Arch near Fort Marriner and the Bloadcoast Ward. The smell of seawater was in the air as he greeted two Lionguard standing by the gates to the great city. When he saw the Asuran gates he wondered just how many people trusted traveling through them. He had just spent several days traveling by foot to avoid using them. Had it been worth it. Several days later he departed Lion’s Arch well-rested and well-fed. He had enjoyed the visit and would want to return after he found out more about his birth parents. He left through the northern gate into the Gendarran Fields.

Gendarran Fields
He traveled through the Ascalon Settlement. He traveled on to Nebo Terrace and ended up caught in a centaur assault. His effort and those of Joe helped save the settlement. With the good wishes of the citizens there, he departed to Guardians Gate and Queensdale.

Beetletun Farms was a sight for sore eyes. Large watering towers dotted the landscape. Fields planted in a circular pattern grew beneath them. He elected not to enter The Shire of Beetletun. His excitement drove him on to Divinity’s Reach. The smell of cooking and his nagging hunger gave him a reason to pause at the Hunting Lodge. On his way through the forest, he came upon two other travelers fighting a giant wasp. He knocked his bow and fired an arrow clipping the beast's wing. After that, the fight was ended quickly as the giant beast thrashed on the ground under repeated blows from the other two travelers. Their bloodlust was so powerful that Treewalker slung his bow and walked away. He did not think they noticed him at all. As he topped the ridge coming out of the forest he could see the huge spires of Divinity’s Reach in the distance. He was almost to his destination. His real search could begin in earnest. As he started up the road to Divinity’s Reach screams and bells echoed in the distance. People were screaming that the centaurs were attacking. A man in glistening armor and flowing hair ran past beckoning him to follow him. Despite being dusty and tired he found himself inspired to follow. He later found out that this was Logan Thackery. His adventure had begun.

The Path to Discovery
When Cymboric made the decision to leave Ebonhwake it was largely driven by a need to know who he was. Who were his parents? Why had they left him? This was not a childhood fantasy of hoping to find himself a prince but a deep desire to understand his past. In order to find his place in the world he felt he needed to know this. His adoptive parents argued that who he was evident. He was a good son. A good man. Someone who cared about those around him and had the skills to protect them. They had hoped he would take a position with the Ebon Vanguard given his skill with bow and sword. If he did not like the idea of military life they thought he could with the local falconer.

Since recuperating from the battle of Shaemoor he had taken a few short-term jobs with local merchants. The city was not comfortable for him. Too many people. Too much intrigue. Many others who had fought in the battle were upset that they were not recognized by Logan Thackery as the hero of Shaemoor. They sought the attention, fame, or fortune that came with the appellation of hero. Cymboric was glad to not have been given any recognition. He would have felt trapped. He knew what he had done on the field that day and that was enough.

This day he read in a local paper that the hero of Shaemoor had found the secret to the true identity of his parents. While he was not sure if this was an accurate story but it made him refocus his efforts on finding his parents. As much as he loathed the crowded streets of Divinity’s Reach he would need to go to the central library there to see if he could find anything out. A member of the Seraph in Shaemoor told him to go to Durmand Hall. There he spent many hours over several days going through records with a Levanche of the Durmand Priory. One book in particular, Blood Lines of Kryta, was interesting as it made mention of a Cymboric Treewalker in the time of Salma and The Krytan Civil War. This Cymboric was part of a group that retrieved the royal papers that determined Salma was the rightful heir to the Krytan throne. There was mention of Treewalker belonging to a guild called Sacred Forge Knights.

Illuminating the Past
Pieces of the puzzle started to come together. He knew that a potential relative was connected to the Krytan Civil War, the Shining Blade, and Queen Salma. Would there be any royal records? The next place to check would be with the Seraph archives. Lucky for Treewalker that Seraph headquarters was just a short walk from Durmond Hall. When he arrived the Seraph seemed to be in a panic due to a situation involving a group of nobles. What he could make out from the hurried preparations going on around him was that criminals had crashed a party Lord Faren had been hosting and took several guests prisoner. The Seraph were preparing a rescue mission and did not have time for looking at records. His questions would have to wait for another day. Cymboric did not want to stay the night in Divinity’s reach so he took a short walk to the village of Shaemoor and took a room at the Inn. To his surprise, Dougal Keane was sitting at a table there. This was a man Treewalker had considered a deserter and criminal just a year ago and he was now being celebrated as a hero. Keane was surrounded by people eager to listen about how he retrieved the Claw of the Khan-Ur. Treewalker did take notice of one statement Dougal made “The Priory keeps a tight lid on their knowledge but if you have some artifact that they want they will make a bargain for it. They do not trade in gold. They trade in knowledge and relics.”

The next morning while eating breakfast he overheard that the rescue had been successful. When he returned to the Seraph Headquarters he was able to meet with Lieutenant Groban. Who was able to confirm with a Seraph paymaster that several Treewalkers had been members of the Seraph. The most recent was Byrn Treewalker who died in 1310 at the hands of Centaur raiders while on patrol in Kessex Hills. Groban and the paymaster also discovered that the last living relative of Byrn was his grandson listed as Cymboric Treewalker born AE 1306. Byrn’s son Aetheur Treewalker and his wife, Elswyth, had died in 1309 but no cause or location was given. With that discovery, Groban asked if Cymboric had anything from his parents that would prove his identity. Treewalker thought for a second and said “Nothing I can think of. All I have left from them is a necklace that I was told belonged to my mother. Groban asked politely if he could see the necklace. He looked at it, dipped it in colored dust and then pressed it to a piece of paper. He and the paymaster held this piece of paper next to the book they had been using. “This proves that you are Cymboric Treewalker, grandson of Byrn. We have some property that belongs to you.”

Shadows of the Past
Cymboric, on the advice of Lieutenant Groban, traveled to Garenhoff where his grandfather left him a small flat. Garenhoff was located in an area known as Wizard's Fief. This region was under the protection of the Wizard Isgarren. Before traveling to Garenhoff, Cymboric wanted to examine the contents of his grandfather’s trunk. He traveled to Beetletun and took a room above the local tavern. There was a trove of family information contained within the trunk. The earliest records were of Cymboric Treewalker who was born in 1052 AE and died in 1134 AE. There was a worn cape that despite being faded he could tell bore the symbol of an anvil and hammer. There was a picture frame with a collection of badges mounted on velvet. One of these badges had a vertical sword in front of a shield. There appeared to be a blazing sun over the top of the shield and a wreath and flower covering the sword and shield. Another had a symbol that bore resemblance to that currently used by the Ebon Vanguard. There were two with the symbol of a sword piercing a sun on a blue field. Cymboric was fairly certain that it was the symbol of the Shining Blade.


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    When's the netflix adaptation coming out?
    Jokes aside, nice write up, though I would have to ask if yu intentionally left out the race of the character.

    Treewalker doesn't sound exactly Human-like, so he might have been a Charr, but he interacts with many human settlements with ease and he also feels connection to human territories so he's..... human?

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    Treewalker doesn't sound exactly Human-like, so he might have been a Charr, but he interacts with many human settlements with ease and he also feels connection to human territories so he's..... human?

    He is indeed human. I left that detail out.