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Gaiscioch 2-Day Livestream Event for Extra Life - Win Games & GW2 Loot!

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Greetings Everyone,
I'd like to welcome you to join us for our Extra-Life Charity Event Livestream to help raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. This year Gaiscioch has gone all out and has collected a pile of games and loot that would make a Skritt envious. Here's the details:

  • Date: Nov. 4-5th, 2017
  • Format: We will be giving raffle codes during each game in the livestream series. This code can be entered into the site to enter the Game Raffle, Day Raffle, and Event Raffle. As we raise more money for the Children's Miracle Network we will add prizes to the grand prize loot pile. Players can watch or join us to be eligible to win the raffles.
  • Guild Wars 2 Sessions: NA Server: WvW on SOR: Nov 4th at 6PM PT, World Bosses: Nov 5th at 2PM PT
  • In Game Contact: Foghladha.2506
  • Register to Win:
  • Guild Wars 2 Prizes: White Wings, Total Makeover Kit, Heroic Booster, and Miniature Egg
  • Games Available to Win:

This event is open to all

* Note: Some games may be region locked to North America. This is beyond our control. Please check the steam page before claiming a game.

About Us:
The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community has participated in the Extra Life event since 2011 and has contributed more than $36,000 to children's hospitals. We are host to major public community events including the Great Tyrian Adventure, Telara Saga, and Battle for Badlands. In addition to our in game activities we also publish Gaiscioch Magazine, host daily livestreams , and have several flag-football teams in Portland Oregon. You can learn more about us at:

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