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Blissful Epidemic [Blis] NA |WvW| Gate Of Madness

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Looking for your first guild? Maybe just want a new place to call home? Coming back after a break? Blissful Epidemic is the guild for you. We're a WvW focused guild based on Gate Of Madness. We have called Gate Of Madness server home since game launch. From starting out as a small guild of friends roaming; to forming into a competitive WvW based guild on our server over the years. Looking to fill spots for all classes to fit into our guild comp group.

What can you expect from us?
-Max level 69 guild hall
-Private guild discord
-Years of wvw commanding experience since launch
-Great family feel to the guild
-Respect and drive to get better together
-Room for growth and promotion in rank within the guild
-Guild based builds/trainings

Events/WvW Raids
-WvW Reset Raid night Fri 9pm est
-Wvw Raid/Missions Sat 9pm est

What do we expect from players?
-Willing to learn and grow as a player
-Be a Teamplayer
-Discord (dont have to have a mic)
-Rep is 50% required, but will be Required during guild raids

We're currently recruiting ALL classes and all types of players, drivers, commanders.
Emphasis on Engi|Necro|Guardian to fill out our comp group (If not these classes we still have spots for you!)
If interested Mail myself on here or in game and ill get back to you ASAP
Check us out at
Look forward to hearing from you!