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Gem store questions: How long are items available for? Can I set a delivery date for gifts?

A couple of questions about the gem store:
1. Is there a way to tell how long a currently available item will remain available for?
2. If I buy an item as a gift, is there a way to set a "delivery" date? (e.g. if I want to buy someone a birthday gift, is there a way to have it delivered on their birthday, other than by actually buying it on their birthday?)


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    Sometimes they state in the gem store how long items will be available but not always. This thread usually posts how long an item will be available when it is known:

    You can not set a delivery date to gift a gem store item. It can only be sent at the time of purchase.

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    When items are going to be removed soon (I think when it's 7 days or less) a timer will be shown on the gem store - at first it just shows number of days but when it's closer to being removed it starts an actual count down of hours and minutes. But if there isn't a timer on an item it's safe to assume it's going to stay up for a while at least, and if it is going to be removed it will get the 7 day countdown to let you know. Some things like character slots, black lion keys and shared inventory slots will probably always be available.

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  • Thanks for both your answers! I hadn't noticed the timers because I hadn't looked at any items with them (there super obvious now I've seen them though). In that case the delivery date thing shouldn't be an issue since I can just wait.

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