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Could someone explain cloaking water? Or is it bugged?

Hitman.5829Hitman.5829 Member ✭✭✭✭

When I try to get cloaking water it does not grant me stealth, I make sure I don't have the reveal marker but cloaking water do not grant me stealth.
I test this when I am out of combat and it works perfectly, but when I am in combat it does not work all the time.

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  • Cerby.1069Cerby.1069 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 29, 2017

    it bugs all the time. If you glide down onto bugs. If you do weird animations and land in bugs. The only way to unbug is to run away from it and re-enter mbe up to 10 seconds later after getting far enough away and walk straight into it without gliding or anyhting special.

    Bugs bugs bugs, what else is new.

    It breaks as soon as you hit something as well, so idk if being condi has something to do with it and you have a tick going on someone and it unstealths you (i dont run condi). If you have any ohter kind of aoe going....mbe even retaliation if they aoe the area ur in, that might trigger the cloak to die.

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