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LF PvP team (EU)

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Hi there,

Im looking for a pvp team in EU to queue with and to play AT's with (both monthly and daily). Im either looking for an existing team or people to start a new team with.
I play Druid and I finished last season in the legendary division. I SoloQueued a lot but now with the AT's I'd like to form a team instead of having to join the AT's with randoms. I don't need any whiners or kids that wanna be cool, but I want people that know their classes and want to improve their team game. Being able to voice chat is a part of that. You don't need to be a true pro or anything, I value a good mentality a lot more. I mainly look for people in the range of plat 3 to legend division.

Just message me here through the forums or in-game if you're interested.


  • Are you able play different class than druid/soulbeast? or have the motivation practise a new one?

  • At the moment I can't. I used to play a lot of necro/reaper in the past, but I didnt buy PoF yet so thats not really useful. I don't have enough time now to learn a whole new class, and I also want to wait for the balance patch first to even consider it.

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