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[EU][PvX] Divine Knights of Balthazar[DKB]

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Divine Knights of Balthazar [DKB] is recruiting !

Guild Motto

"We are not just a Guild... We are Friends, Family and a Team!"

Guild Mission

Our mission is having fun in this game, helping each other and growing stronger!

Who Divine Knights of Balthazar are?

Divine Knights of Balthazar [DKB] is European community guild with around 400 active members.
We are close community with respect for others and it’s all about having fun together with no drama involved :)
We don’t like that You’re just a number, we want You to be really part of the community!
We are not just a Guild... We are Friends, Family and a Team! We are Divine Knights of Balthazar [DKB] who are waiting for YOU!

Who is DKB looking for? Who are looking for DKB?

We don’t care if you’re new or a veteran, we like to have a nice and friendly community.

  • If You are an old player exploring the game again or are You a brand new player for whom Guild Wars 2 is still a mystery, then You can join our family and We’d love to help You out!
  • If You are a veteran and You have good acknowledge of the raids/fractals etc., then don't delay and join our guild to earn achievements and gold in a good company ;)
  • If You are looking for a big friendly, international and active Guild, a second home or a true family, then join DKB today!

What does DKB do?

  • Guild Missions
  • Guild Events every week
  • Seasonal Events with prizes
  • Guild Games
  • Organized META events
  • Fractals, Raids, Dungeon and HP Runs
  • Helping new people in GW2

What are Guild Events, Guild Games and Seasonal events?

Seasonal Events
We have different Seasonal Event across the year. The Seasonal Event take place during an entire week or two weeks and guild members compete throughout different events (Guild Games). On those You can earn a certain amount of points. At the end, the person with the most of points earned, win the biggest reward (chance to earn up to 2000 gems)!

Guild Events
Guild Events are also known as a Weekly Events, which purpose is to earn some gold, materials, achievements and have fun at the same time! Every of our Officers and Leaders is leading events once a week!

  • Hero Points Run
  • Fractals
  • Dungeons
  • Guild Games
  • Achievement Run
  • META Events
  • Raids
  • Map Farming
  • and much, much more!

Guild Games
Guild Games are unique events for only one important purpose – having fun together.

  • Music Mayhem
  • Jumping Puzzle
  • Guild Quiz
  • Hide & Seek
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • PvP tournament
  • Fashion Show
  • and much, much more!

What else DKB offer?

  • A friendly community
  • Own TeamSpeak server
  • WhatsApp & Facebook group
  • Website & Guild Blog
  • Structured Guild, Leaders, Officers
  • Scheduled Events (By announcement in Guild chat, Message of the Day and Facebook page)

How about the Raids?

  • Raid Wing 1: All kills
  • Raid Wing 2: All kills
  • Raid Wing 3: All kills
  • Raid Wing 4: All kills

How to join DKB?

If You want to join our Guild to become part of our family or have any other questions, You can mail one of the leaders:

  • Weed – CptPinguin.5294
  • Eliyana – Eliyana.7381
  • Sheena – Sheena.4861

Guild Rules

  • Respect every member
  • 95% Rep (Guild Bank and WvW allowed)
  • Being active (No longer than 3 weeks offline)
  • No scolding/ swearwords in Guildchat
  • Just be Friendly and willing to help people
  • Willing to come on TeamSpeak during guild missions and events (Don’t have to talk)
    Because we want to be an active Guild, our offline time is 3 weeks. If you have an important reason to be AFK, you will get Traveler Rank, this gives you up to 2 months.

Basic Informations

Created: 01-Oct-2014
Type: International Community
Guild Hall: Gilded Hollow Lvl MAX 69
Gameplay: PvE
Location: [EU] Europe
Language: English

DKB Official Website