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Fractal lvl 40 farm: possible improvements

I posted this on fractal subforum some time ago and there I was adivised to post it here so there it is:

Hi guys,
i have been farming fractal 40 lately and so i read few guides how to do it. Most of them were similar in many aspects but almost all of them had diference in chronomacner rotations. Right now i am doing this:

portal, Alacrity well while running down, sword 3 in range.
swap, shild 5, SoI, shild 4, sword 2, F1,
then depends on the speed of the group either F2 or few autos sword 3 and F2
Portal, swap, take portal , Focus 4, Focus 4, F4 (to give distortion to others just apearing so they dont get cced), take portal again and run to platform, swap

Alaccrity well in cutsnece
shild 5, cs, SoI, sword 2
position myslf behind my group

shild 5, swap, SoI, focus 5, sword 2, sword 3 F1, F2
(if something fails then MOA to cc him again)

I would like to know if there are some tips and trics you can give to me.
For example i saw someone using timewarps, Well of action instead of recall, CS on effigy and so on. I am not an chrono veteran so i would like to hear from more experienced players if they could explain to me what are the advantages/disadvantages of other options and if/when are they better.
Thanks for your inputs.

Few additional notes: I am trying to go as fast as possible (without having to buy diferent gear). Runs with guildmates are usualy around 2 minutes (fastest i used stopwatch on was 1:55, usualy around 2:10). If i use CS on effigy i dont have it up for berserkr by few seconds

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