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[Guild] www.GuardiansOfTheDarkMelody.com |EU |PvX |International

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A spooky Kingdom… with a dark, yet epic storyline. Within GTDM‘s halls, there are things lurking in the ominous shadows.
We guard one of the biggest secrets within these halls, perhaps these lands and maybe even in this world…
GTDM’s capital city is situated in the forgotten halls of a lost Golden City, the Gilded Hollow where deep mysteries and plenty adventures await you.
Discover more by joining the role-playing story-line, and be captivated by the depths we have gone through, to save this world. – Be part of the story

Consider us: PvX: Raids+training,PvP, WvW, Dun/Fractals/RP/etc. We help newbies too. For more info on an amazing Kingdom with all three halls.
check us out online.

Check out our group photo with the designer of Bolt and other legendaries :D
(On our website)

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