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Guild Wars 2 in 2017 - video series.

Hello everyone,
I've been working on these videos since Wooden Potatoes announced his contest. Mike O'Brien also played some role in this, after saying that Guild Wars 2 "could use the word of mouth". I personally love this game and it's community, so I thought to myself: "Why the hell not?!".
This was my very first tackle into creating video content. I'm by far not an experienced video maker, nor do I have perfect pronunciation of English language (or knowledge of it's grammar), not to mention the accent... Despite that, I decided to do it, to challenge myself and have fun while doing that. Through ups and downs and struggle with my own PC (need new cooling), I've managed to reach my goal - creating series of videos about Guild Wars 2, that will cover most of the important features of this game, while not being too long for one sitting. I realized that making it simply with me talking... would be quite boring. I had to come up with some innovation, yet decided to stay away from memes and dry jokes. I've come up with an idea... the feedback I leave to you guys.

This is the end result: Guild Wars 2 in 2017

I would like to sincerely thank my collaborative partner - Sacred, who made all of this possible. She persevered with me through all this time, despite having plenty of technical difficulties (hardware, time frames, my inexperience). The entire adventure was a lot of fun in the end.

Thank you all for reading this post and hopefully for watching my videos. If you have a friend, who you struggle with to invite to a world of Tyria, share it with him or her. Who knows? Maybe my work could help in persuasion.

I wish to continue my work with video content in future.
I'm Machiavell and for now... I'm logging off.

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