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Noob- How do I know if I downloaded path of fire ?

Ok guys, don't laugh at me too hard. I am completely new to this game as of yesterday. I purchased path of fire and downloaded it thinking it was the actual game, not realizing the GWII base game was free to play. Anyway, some weird stuff / errors happened while entering the code from my purchase and downloading the game, and I have no idea how to tell if I downloaded the path of fire expansion, or just the base game. I can tell you I went back to the website and entered the code they emailed me into the redeem section and got an invalid code error. I was kind of confused during the whole process because I didn't realize Path of fire was an expansion and I was on the phone with a friend who recommended I get the game. He hadn't played for a couple years and he didn't realize path of fire was an expansion either. So how can I tell if I downloaded the expansion, and if I didn't and the code they emailed me doesn't work, what should I do ?
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  • Easy way in game to tell is open your hero panel (H) and goto Story Journal. If you purchased Path of Fire it should be listed there and you should be able to begin its story.

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    There's no separate download - if you can get in the game then your client has PoF, whether your account has it unlocked or not.

    To tell if it's enabled on your account, go to the main GW2 page, then click on Services, then My Account. It'll prompt you to log in, then show what content is enabled on your account - there'll be a big PoF logo that's impossible to miss if you have it.

  • It is the same client regardless of which expansions you own/ don't own. The downloads are the same, just the expansions content is locked if you haven't purchased them yet.
    From the main page, log into your account and go to services in the top menu, select "account" and it should bring you to the account overview showing what if any expansions are active on your account. If it is not showing as active then you can use the tools available on the right side to contact support.

  • Thank you everyone !

  • I have also had the same problem. I have purchased the path of fire, have the GW2 receipt and new serial code, but no matter how many times I try to register the code, it says my info is incorrect. Does anyone know if they will mail a hard copy? instead of download, since it wont work for me that way

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    If you downloaded the game then you have Path of Fire, there's no way to get just the base game (or any other version).

    Try logging in and check your story journal. Once you're logged into a character press H, click on the star symbol and find Path of Fire in the list. If you have Path of Fire it will either give you the option to start the storyline or tell you that you need to be level 80 to do it. If you don't have it unlocked on your account it will say Requires Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and have a big purple button that says Learn More.

    If you don't have it on your account and the serial code doesn't work you'll need to contact Support using the link at the top of this page so they can fix it for you.

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