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LF a mature, lively PvX(?) guild, late NA

I'm looking for a new guild, as my current guilds are not really meeting some of my needs. Could we be a match?

I'm a dedicated long-term player (since launch). I'm on Tarnished Coast, and I play most nights from about 10:30 PM to 12:30 PM US Central time (sometimes a bit later on weekends).

I actively WvW, but I am not looking for this guild for that (there aren't many WvW guilds left on TC and none of them raid when I play). If you happen to be on or move to TC I will respond to rally calls when I'm on and participate in WvW events when I can. I'm not interested in changing servers.

I would describe myself as "semi-hardcore" in that I am knowledgable and experienced and play most every day, but I am not able to agree to rigid times for raid groups etc.

I am looking for this guild for primarily social reasons. My current guilds have few people on when I play, and guild chat has dwindled to nonexistence even when there are many people on. I am looking for a guild of respectful, mature, fun adults (I'm 30+) who are active during my play hours. Helping each other with things, discussing the game, shooting the ... (I don't want that replaced with "kitten" XD ...)

In-game I'm down for whatever. I PvP at an acceptable level (usually mid-gold during seasons). Willing to participate in raids during my play time if there's patience and teaching. Can do T4s or anything else standard PvE. I already explained WvW above. I particularly love and am good at activities such as Keg Brawl and Snowball Mayhem. Hoping for guild missions during my active hours.

I won't 100% rep, primarily because in WvW I use my personal guild for claiming and upgrading. Also I make a lot of use of my guild storage. But I will rep any time I do anything with other guild members. I can use voice comms for events if needed but prefer guild chat for everyday casual interaction.

I guess that's about it. Respond here or send me mail if you know a guild I should check out! Thanks in advance!

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