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LF Casual Raid Guild and PVX

There are 5 of us looking to casually raid, as well as other types of PVX. Home server is JQ. 1 East Coast, 3 Mountain Time, and 1 West Coast.

CAN NOT rep 100%, we have kids and or girl friends that play low lvls chars and do not want to get blasted by guild officers for being lvl 2 and not repping.


  • Hi
    You are welcome to join The Arctic :)

  • Hey Draggs, the Charter Vanguard is looking to fill up our Saturday evening raid team. It is casual and beginner friendly. There is no demand for representation, and we don't require any of you to have high lvl characters (apart from the toons you're going to be using to raid). Aside from raids, we have other members with kids in the guild, so we always try to keep the guild chat clean and family friendly for them.

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