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Where to begin in guildwars 2

Hello i'm not sure if I should put this here in general discussions in in players helping players. I have noticed a lot of people are not sure where to start in guild wars or feel over whelmed. I decided to try and help by making tutorials and stuff to help out. This is my first tutorial and I am sorry if my voice sounds annoying I was nervous when making it. Hopefully it helps people out if yall want tutorials on specific things let me know and I will make others to try and help.


  • Kreed.2768Kreed.2768 Member ✭✭✭

    I'll have a look at it when I get home from work, but just wanted to pop in and say I always appreciate it when people make helpful resources like tutorials and such for new and lesser experienced players. Helps the community grow and stay healthy, I believe. Anyways, kudos to you.

  • Agree with @Kreed.2768, your desire to help and the effort in putting this together is fantastic, so thank you! Similarly, I'll need to wait until I'm home from work before I can have a closer look at it.

    Let's be neighbours.

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    Bookmarking this so I can share it in the future. It is a very good start! It is always cool to see people create this type of content.
    Some thoughts:

    A 37 minutes video is quite long and can be intimidating, and it felt like you were in a rush at times. Perhaps it could have been broken down into different, shorter parts for easier digestion? Have one part talk about races and classes, one part talk about the user interface and so on. Just a suggestion.

    I noticed you used some terms that a new player may be completely unfamiliar with in the context of GW2, for example "condi","power", "Black Lion Key" ect. Those are usually pretty selfevident or easily explained, but be aware in future vidoes what may or may not be assumed knowledge.

    Some suggestions for things that new players usually struggle with that I would recommend for more indepth tutorials are:
    Talking about attributes and what they do.
    Talking about conditions and boons.
    DODGE! New players usually try to face-tank tougher enemies or aren't aware of bad areas they are standing in (usually red or orange fields).
    A more indepth guide about the heropanel, since players spends so much time there, and its different subsections (dyes, wardrobe, Hero points, achievments ect).
    Bags, Bank, currencies and inventory management (salvage kits, deposit material, wallet, rarities ect).

    Eager to see more videos in the future. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much I will keep that in mind for my next video :)

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