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    edited November 9, 2017

    @Artemis Thuras.8795 said:

    @zoomborg.9462 said:
    lets see.... one druid less, on war less...pugs are gonna be wiping cause of lack of cc on matthias/samarog and mb deimos especially if the druid changes one cc pet for tiger (fury). And then druids cannot keep up permanent might unless there's at least 20% boon duration on their build. At least, cause ca recharge is not always fast nor do u always wanna use ca on cooldown. Which means either concentration sigil b4 going into ca or harrier gear.

    quick draw procs on enter/exit of CA, meaning it counts as a weapon swap. I haven't tested specifically but merely entering CA should cause concentration sigils to proc if not on cd.

    Also with full harrier you cant get to ~100% boon duration, and ~1400 healing, which is more than enough for a competent druid.

    I do see harrier chronos being more common as the secondary subgroup healer though. I'd say minstrel, but I'd be inclined to have the tank using commanders/knights/whatever, with minstrel in reserve for when you need extra heals/support beyond the druid +harrier chrono.
    Purely because this "locks down" the fewest possible classes/builds. harrier chrono build

    tank, druid, dps,dps,dps
    harrier chrono, banner war, dps, dps, dps

    the DPS slots are quite flexible/fight dependant..
    extra war/ranger for EA/spotter, a condi rev for AP & kalla elite (lifesteal).
    engi with pinpoint distribution..
    Or just a selfish dps.

    Im not so worried about the mightstacks, the lack of cc is the real problem here. Most dps builds bring zero cc and we are missing 2 cc pets + 1 headbut (mb wildblow as well). Yes, there are a lot of ingnorant people who still think moa will cover all cc in every encounter.

  • @Talindra.4958 said:
    Both druid n war in other group will receive quickness from chrono.

    There's no guarantee of that. Any of the four people from g1 are just as likely as the Warrior or Druid at getting the Quickness or Alacrity from g2's Chrono, and likewise for g1's Chrono. I recommend you actually try this in a raid and you'll see what I mean.

    Valor Zeal [VZ] - Stormbluff Isle

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    About the quickness alacrity uptime in solo subgroup. I had today around 30-50% uptime on both as a solo harrier druid, whereas the rest had 70%+. So its really not a good idea to put the condi warrior in a separate subgroup. As a harrier druid I can live with that.

    Alos, as it was pointed out on reddit, fury is something that has to be considered as well as cc in the new raid comps.

    Was doing w1 and w2 today with mostly only one harrier druid in my own little subgroup, and with good chronos, fury uptime with tiger + warhorn was around 95-99% (no fgj). However, on sloth the stunbreaks were missing and on matthias we switched to 2 druids for the heals anyway.

    CC wasnt a big problem, chronos brought moa / well for VG, Gorse, Sloth and Matt. In addition we had a mirage/reaper and 2 holosmiths on pretty much every encounter, so its doable. The holosmiths help a lot with the cc.
    Ofcourse, its a bit tight, and not much room for errors.

    Btw, just because you dont NEED two warriors or two druids anymore, doesnt mean you cant still run that. If you, for example, run with 2 condi warriors - which are still a solid dps choice - you can run with at least 1 fgj without sacrificing too much dps.
    Theres other choices as well for covering the fury problem. Heal revenant with condi might stack druid is a solid option imo. Or Harrier druid + d/wh tempest (maybe go for earth/water on matthias, and fire/air on easy bosses). Stances soulbeast gives about as much fury as fgj if I remember correctly, just switch sharpening stone for moa stance.

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