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Separate Mount Skins

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Title says it all.
Only I have a question for Anet: We have Separate Glider Skins but not Separate Mount Skin? You already are sitting on a Gold mine with the sheer vast possibilities you now have with Mount skins, so why make it so much more unpleasant for your Players with this Mount Lotterybox? I remember reading your Collectors Edition books and Guides and I seemed to get an impression that Anet was not all about Money. Is it because Christmas is approaching and you need money for presents for your Families? I could understand that, but in such case: can we get Separate Mount skins in the Future without having to pay more than is the price of an entire game per one piece? Because right now, this is being kind of a disappointment.

Not to mention that a Poll shows a one thousand of voices being fine with Price but not with the RNG aspect, that is already a thousand people who would buy the Skins separately but likely not with RNG involved. One Thousand players already unhappy mere hours after your Release. Please do Heed this Sign.

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