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Origami Skinned(and modeled)Mounts Idea!

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The Idea: All Mount skins will have Origami Models that use Notebook Paper textures (the lines etc) Or Canvas Paper with Water Color drawings. Any trail effects from previous mount skins in the menagerie will be written to use Pencil Streaks or Brush Strokes and Color Splashes or Erasor Chunk eruptions for footprints.

To save budget something like the Polygon models can be used to save time or they can start from scratch!...

I'm a visionary...what ya'll Think?
Origami Jackal

Origami Griffon

Origami Springer??

Origami Skimmer??

Origami Raptor

When in doubt can always try Balloon Animal mount skins


  • I can see this coming with a future Cantha expansion.

  • @Enoga.8456 said:
    I can see this coming with a future Cantha expansion.

    Dragon Bash too. iirc an origami glider was released around that time :D I'd love an origami mount. Bonus points if the skimmer makes the noise of rustling paper while it flies.

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