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Keeping Track of your Stuff`

GW2 generates a lot of items. I have 10 characters all of whom have various items I occasionally need. Would it be possible for GW2 to have a way to check your other characters without having to log off and bring them up, one by one in the laborious effort of trying to find that certain item that you need RIGHT NOW ! Guild Wars 2 has done a commendable job of having consolidated the various currencies into the "wallet" and I just think it would be a HUGE Feather in the cap (for Arena Net) to do something like this. I am currently considering purchasing another Guild Wars account (see new topic) which in theory will alleviate some of these issues.
M. Conrad Kabay


  • You can use GW2Efficiency to check any and all characters inventory, as well as your bank. Just create an API key in the 'My Account' pages, and use it on the site.

    Good luck.

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