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[EU][LFG] Experienced player looking for guild and/or raid team.

Hello everyone!

I'm an active experienced (yet very chill ) GW2 player with over 9k hours of game time.
Currently lingering around the game, finishing up some achievements, raiding and doing bits of spvp while waiting for the expansion (not playing too much daily 1-4hours probably). Would be nice to have some people to chat with while doing that, and also to do some activities together!

So I am looking for 2 things.

1. Guild
I'm looking for a rather social and chatty guild, that does do some guild activities, such as fractals or guild missions, with a nicely upgraded guild hall (if possible, but it isn't a requirement).
The guild doesn't have to be gigantic, but having a bunch of active people is always nice.
For voice coms I'd like if the guild used Discord, as I've fully stopped using TS and I'd rather not have to get back to it :D
If the guild isn't experienced and doesn't have a raid team I'd like to be able to raid with another guild/group without any consequences. That being said I'd be all for joining the guild raid runs or help in raid practice runs.

2. Raid Team
I'm fully experienced in the 3 initial wings (with tons of clears on every boss), and all bosses of the 4th wing except for Deimoss, as my old team got rather stale and didn't even bother to try killing the boss. And I've never bothered pugging.
I'm maining a condi thief, staff ele and chrono at this moment (I have raid experience with those classes), but after the expansion hits I have ascended chests and materials ready to gear up more characters. I am capable of filling in any required role in the raid team after the expansion hits - I just don't want to switch stats around now if in 2 weeks the meta will change.
I'd like to join a static team that raids twice a week and is skilled (actually kills bosses), but is still chill and easy going :)

You can reply here, or message me in-game at Umrae.5124 (will be online around 23-24 CEST today) or on Discord Umrae#8830.

Happy hunting!


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