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Veterans LF new home (EU)


We are 5 people that are looking for a new guild just in time for PoF. We're planning on leaving our current guild due to it having too much focus on raids (it's cool for a little while, but, come on!).

What are we looking for?
A European guild
A guild from a social aspect.
People who are relaxed and mature (when need be)
People who prefer voice chat (discord) over guild chat.
Medium size
Somewhat experienced players
No rules on how we express ourselves

We are a group of five friends and in reality we don't really need to find a guild to help us complete content, it's not the reason we are looking beyond our current guild. The primary reason is to find cool people to learn or learn from and most importantly have fun with.

Who are we?
All of us are in our mid- to late 20s. One of us have three kids, all of us work or study at University. Some of us are childhood friends and some of us long time online friends. We're four guys and one girl. We've all played at least 2000 hours and some of us even above 5000 hours. Some of us cares about AP and some not. We don't take ourselves or the game too seriously and ask the same from anyone we play with. With that said, we still want to do our best and min- max our gear and playstyle. We very much hate "skip" and "speedrun" culture.

I hope there's something out there for us!


  • Hello,

    we might the what you are looking for, you can check us on our webapge or view our gw2 forum post

    But we do prefare more personal approach so I wil be happy if you contact me in game on Ericka.4723 and we can chat after.

    We are smaller internation guild (about 50-60 members) and we are trying to stay as social guild with main focus on PvP and PvE. We are based on Desolation so there is always public commander to follow in wvwvw. We are here from the begining of gw2 since we originaly came from other game on the launch.

    Hope to hear from you,
    Ericka (leader of KeA guild)

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