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[EU] Fresh New Player LF GUILD | Whitesite Ridge

im a new player and to be honest i feel totally flooded with all the new information i get. I might have a lot of questions in the beginning.
Ive played the game at release.. i have one character at lv 80 . But since i dont remember anything and everything is new i am starting with a new character.. i bought both expansions so i have 2 characters boosts left. Right now i am interested in learning the game.. completing the map.. the story and expansions.. doing some fun pvp and pve content. Once ive learned the game and know how to play my class im interested in more "serious" pve and pvp content. But overall im looking for a guild that has fun as its main focus.

Im not sure if its relevenat, cause i absolutely dont know if guilds are cross-server.. im playing on Whiteside Ridge

I dont have teamspeak cause i prefer Discord.. its a lot better. I would download teamspeak again.. if you are using teamspeak..

Looking forward to hearing from you :P

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