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Some possible raid compositions for lfg weekly clears

Hey :)

After I had to suffer through some really strange ideas on reset raids today with lfg squads (no, 30% fury uptime is not enough ;) ), here are some raid comps Ive been in that worked.

LFG evergreen:
Group 1:
- Chrono(tank)
- Healdruid (as much boonduration as possible), with warhorn and 2 cc pets
- 3x DPS*
Group 2:
- DPS Chrono
- Condi/Healdruid, with tiger pet or warhorn (depending on if axe pull is needed) and cc pet(s)
- CondiDPS Berserker with both banners and shattering blow (wild blow for samarog, matthias or if cc is low)
- 2x DPS*

Revenant variant:
Group 1:
- Chrono(tank)
- Support Revenant
- 3x DPS*
Group 2:
- DPS Chrono
- Condi/Healdruid, with tiger pet / warhorn and at least 1 cc pet
- CondiDPS Berserker with both banners + shattering or wild blow
- 2x DPS*

Group 1:
- Chrono(tank)
- Healdruid (> 80% boonduration), warhorn, 2 cc pets
- 3x DPS*
Group 2:
- Chrono(tank)
- HealTempest
- CPS with 2 banners and FGJ (Phalanx Strength Gear + Trait)
- 2x DPS*

Regarding DPS: There are some combinations that just work better than others. For example, a holosmith and a condi renegade buff each others dps with their unique buffs and if you put them to the CondiWarrior/CPS for EA, holosmith does even more dmg.
In general should power dps be in group with spotter and EA, but if you have for example 1x holosmith, 2x weaver, 1x renegade, 1x scourge, its best to put both weavers with CondiWarrior (and druid if possible), and holosmith with renegade and scourge.
It always surprises me how much passive dps is lost in LFG squads, because commander doesnt sort the DPS correctly. And with the current balance patch, it got even more important imo.

Above listed raid compositions all work. All have pros and cons, for example, the variant with healtempest has most continuous healing, but at the cost of DPS and CC.

These raid comps ofc arent suited for speedclearing. The amount of healing and boons and boonduration is too much. But on LFG squads things go wrong. You usually have at least one guy that doesnt dodge mechanics, kills others with mechanics, or you simply miss dps and cant phase the boss fast enough.. So you need more healing, more boonsources and longer boonduration to make up for those times you have to rezz a lot or you cant wait that one second more for quickdraw procc without risking wipe and so on.

There are other raid comps that probably work, I dont know all, but things like the 8-1-1 comp with only 1 chrono and 1 druid just dont work on LFG.


  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 14, 2017

    While I like the fact that you took the time to write up some combos which work, they all fit 1 setup which people have already figured out as where the new meta might go:

    • 2 chrono (tank, alacrity, quickness)
    • 1 druid (for might)
    • 1 warrior for banners
    • 1 extra healer (druid, tempest or revenant)
    • 5 dps

    Which healer you want to take along will be dictated mostly by what is available and what people feel comfortable with. Currently there still is an ambudance of druids as second healers so chances are high you will endup with double druid anyway for the next few weeks.

    Damage dealers are defined by which boss or wing you are doing. Xera for example requires some ranged damage for better shard clear, Sabetha needs dps who can jump canons, Matthias favors certain condi classes, etc.

    Any raid leader who tries something outside of this setup either wants to practice something or builds their raid exactly to their liking (exchanging 1 chrono for firebrand and renegade for example). Both of those things are unlikely to happen in most PUG groups. Otherwise anything falling in this composition will be able to clear every raid wing.

  • Yasi.9065Yasi.9065 Member ✭✭✭

    Thing is, I was in quite a few squads that tried support renegade, without warriors using FGJ... or even with warriors using FGJ, but chronos either having not enough boon duration (I think mostly due to firebrand runes) or failing their rotation, which led to fury dropping below 50% on bosses like gorseval or xera.

    And Ive seen healtempest getting more and more popular especially on matthias, but then squads failing at cc and burn/rain phases taking forever because dps is crappy due to lack of boons.

    Ive also been in squads with one healdruid as only healer, which works on semi to good players, but just doesnt work on beginners or casual squads.

    And yes, you can finish any boss with pretty much any comp, as long as people dont fail mechanics or rotations. But Im talking about pug raids here. I always expect people to not dodge hadoukens in pug raids. And theres always some not dodging.

    I just wanted to point out some obvious raid comp mistakes Ive seen people make, sensitize towards the issue with fury, EA, spotter and cc and offer some solutions / guidelines. ;)

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Oh I do think you are bringing up some issues which people are forgetting while forming pugs atm, mainly fury uptime and cc loss on certain setups.

    Then again those are things a good raidleader should be watchfull of especially when running only 1 druid. I'm sure people will adapt eventually. Raid meta is currently more of a checklist of different things which multiple classes can (and must) bring, versus a more fixed 3 classes on 6 spots meta which covered almost everything and tacked 4 dps on top.

  • 8 flamethrower scrappers and 2 renegade healers.

  • The biggest problem is raid leader don't know the class buffs.
    Warrior - empower allies (150 power)
    Engi - pinpoint distribution (150 Condi)
    Ranger - spotter (150 percision)
    Rev - that ferocity trait ( 225 ferocity)

    Everyone that leads raids need to know this

  • Renegade can provide 100% alacrity now, plus some extra healing for his group, on a brain dead rotation, but he loses the ferocity for this. It could still be an option to replace one chrono with it, if a Firebrand can fill up the quickness. The increased range for mantras will help with that but he still needs some boon duration (concentration sigil?). DPS will still be better then chrono's non then less. Groups on a singel druid setup often struggle with fury up time. Firebrand could fill some of that with "Feel My Wrath!" as well.

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