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HoD | NA WvW | [KS]Kinda Serious

[KS] is a WvW Fight focused guild currently located on Henge Of Denravi. Our core has been together across several guilds and other games for over 3 years now. Our guild is comprised of dedicated & active players who have are looking to add more like minded players to our roster. We are willing to assist with xfers for the right candidates.

We raid 2-3 nights a week during NA Prime hours. We enjoy all aspects of WvW and take part in; Zerg Busting, Open Field Fights, GvGs, Scrims, and Roaming.

I encourage players of all skill & experience levels that are interested to apply. We are very willing to teach and help those who want to take their WvW experience to the next level.

We expect our members to:
- Run guild builds
- Use Discord/TS3 and communicate during raids
- Have a good attitude
- Be open to receiving and and providing constructive feedback

We are also looking for an additional Driver to increase our weekly WvW Raids.

If you are interested in Kinda Serious or have any questions, please feel free to contact me in game @ “Steroids.6459”

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