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[NA] LFGuild semi-casual PvE


I've recently returned to playing GW2 with the release of PoF and am looking for a guild to run some higher level PvE content with. Normally I hop on a few nights a week after work to run some daily T3+ fractals but have met with mixed success when its comes to pugs. Would love to find a group of people that run daily fractals and are fun to be around. I have a fully geared cPS and am working to gear a few other chars to mix it up. Also interested in raiding just never had a solid group to do it with. Semi-casual is kinda my way of saying I definitely want to do some high level PvE but with a group that won't expect me to be on every single day. I'm a social guy so a smallish sized guild where I get the chance to know people would be a plus. If you got something like that I would love to hear from you!


  • Hello,

    [HERO] has begun recruiting players--we are PvX, so we do all content, PvE, FoTM, Raid, WvW, and PvP. Mainly, we're a pick up team so players log in and decide what to do, and many players enjoy high end FoTM. We're gathering players for the raid team as well, for a static group to do it on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Also, we have 'Game Night' to do WvW and guild missions together.

    There are no formal rules, and we are looking for players to fit well with our laid back community, so if you'd like more information send me a message. Thank you.