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[Suggestion] New specialization: Razah

Erasculio.2914Erasculio.2914 Member ✭✭✭✭

In the original Guild Wars, Razah was a Hero - one of the NPCs we could recruit to our party. Razah was unique in that we could freely change his profession, so he could be changed to have any role we wanted. We also had a somewhat interesting background, in that the was born directly from the Mists, which happens to be the source of many of the revenants' powers.

We all know revenants have fewer utility skills than other professions, and that it's unlikely that ArenaNet will suddently add more skills for the existing legends. One way to deal with this would be by adding a new specialization using glyphs, with malleable skills that would work as more than the usual "3 skills per legend". So, I suggest:

New legend: Razah

New skill type: Glyphs

New mechanic: secondary professions

The F2-F4 abilities would allow us to add and change secondary professions to our revenants, changing what the glyphs do. So...

  • F2: Dervish. The glyphs would focus on melee range area of effect skills.
  • F3: Paragon. The glyphs would focus on single target medium range skills
  • F4: Ritualist. The glyphs would focus on long range area of effect skills

For example: the basic Glyph of Pain would change based on which secondary profession is being, with three possibilities...

  • Dervish's Glyph of Pain: summons a mystical scythe from the Mists that attacks all nearby enemies and gives you Might for each enemy hit.
  • Paragon's Glyph of Pain: summons a mystical spear from the Mists that attacks a distant enemy, inflicts burning and gives you Fury
  • Ritualist's Glyph of Pain: summons a vampiric weapon from the Mists that stealths health from distant enemies and gives you Regeneration
    The example above is a simple skill focused on doing damage and granting a boon, but how it does so changes based on what secondary profession is being used.

It would allow the revenant to have more utility skills using a system similar to what's already in the game, with the added bonus of having some nice throw backs to the original Guild Wars.

What do you people think? Any idea of what would be a good weapon for this?

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  • How do we know Razah is dead?

  • ArthurDent.9538ArthurDent.9538 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Better than renegade.

  • I've been really wanting razah as the next legend since this profession came out. Was my favorite character without a story.

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Well i would rather have a mechanic that incorporates other legends too.
    Like having razahs glyphs have different effects depending on the other legend and as class mechanic an upkeep that changes your weaponskills depending on legend equipped.

  • i like this idea...

    weapon idea would be scepter + focus... and they're animation / effects would change based on the f2-f4 skill used. ( or maybe a combat transform ) for example, the scepter would be held normally when ritualist, or as a javelin when paragon. the focus, would have an effect to make it look like a shield when in paragon. the scpeter and focus would appear to be a two handed scythe when dervish, and send out a shockwave instead of an orb or javelin-throw for the ranged autoattack animation

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  • The idea sounds like it would be fun to play. I like the idea of the changing glyph functions.

  • Arkantos.7460Arkantos.7460 Member ✭✭✭✭

    never happens ...