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[NA] [MkS] lfm raiders!

kousei.5914kousei.5914 Member ✭✭
edited November 16, 2017 in Looking for Group

We'll gladly talk to anyone because we don't want to pass up good players but we're in need of more players that are both setup for and willing to play Chronos and Druids. Multi-class is a plus for flexibility.

Our current schedule is (start for all below is 7PM Central):
Mon/Wed: Raid
Fri: Raid and/or Raid Training

Raiding Marked Souls
I'd call our current raid experience "semi-exp" since we have member that are very experienced all the way to members that haven't killed some of the harder bosses and are still learning mechanics. We're currently getting the following kills weekly in guild groups: VG, Gors, Cairn, MO, Sam, Escort, KC, and Trio (when we have an opener). Our more experienced players are doing training runs weekly to expand this list.

How do you join Marked Souls?

You can join Marked Souls by replying to this post, messaging Kousei.5914 or Vivaer.8360 in game, or visiting www.markedsouls.com.