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Looking for partner/team/PvP guild

Wesa.3580Wesa.3580 Member ✭✭
edited December 1, 2017 in Looking for Team

Aye, hello there.
Just completed my promos, got placed in high gold (1462? meh), although I really feel I sholudn't be there.
My micromanagement is just horrible, while the general undertanding of tactis and strategies is also so-so.
So, with that being said I just decided that I want to.. become better, yay (tell me who doesn't, hehe) !
So if anybody feels the same way and wants to learn how to actually Pew-versus-Pew (dueling, sharing experience e.t.c.) - contact me any possible way.

p.s. Should I've made a topic on reddit? I probably should've. But the PvP section looked so dead, cries **
It's EU, yeah.


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