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Returning Player Looking for Guild (EU Desolation)

Hello gw2 community .

I am a retuning player , i played since beta but i stoped after six months , since most of my friends droped the game , due to lack of endgame content at the time. I have returned for almost a month , and i am almost overwhelmed fom the content size available. I realy loke the direction the game has gone .
I enjoy fractals (currently i am personal lvl 23, but after the weekend i ll be at least 35) , i havent raided but i sure would like to , i am an event lover especially Meta events , i like small teams skirmishing pvp not solo or zerg and i dont like structured pvp in gw2.
I am approximately 45-50 mastery lvl and i ahve 4 lvl chars. Thief , Ranger , Warrior, Necro. My most enjoyable are thied as daredevil power dps and Ranger as druid healer or Dps. I am still trying to get my head to understand the crafting and aqcuisition of ascended items , i have Weapon and acccesories and working for armour now.

MMorpgs need to be played in a team , not solo , although gw2 is very solo friendlt , i dislike pugs.
I am a veteran MMorpg player. I am from greece and i am 37 years old , my playtime is 2-3 hours at daily afternoons and maybe 6-7 hours on weekends.
I am looking for a greek or english speaking guild of medium size 30-60 ppl ,that does META events , fractals , tries raids and maybe some WvW. Some kind of communication software is definetely a plus.
You can /w me in game or post or pm me here.

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