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[NA] LF Friendly Raid Guild - US EST, Blackgate, Semi-hardcore

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edited November 18, 2017 in Looking For Guild

Hi guys!

I love this game and I've been playing on and off since launch. I just finished Aurora, so I'm looking to add on to my legendary collection with the long road to legendary armor. I play fairly consistently, but school definitely takes priority over the game. I'm currently doing a lot of PvE to finish up PoF, make some money and complete some missing achievements. I haven't been able to get into raids that much (not for lack of trying), but I'm super interested in playing them.

My main is a DPS DH guardian. I have other most classes at 80, besides engineer and ranger, however, they may not be geared properly and I'm not as familiar with their skills. If you'd like me to join, point me in a direction for a build slot you'd like me to fill and I can make it happen.

So send me a message in game, and let's chat!

See you in the Mists,

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