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Something about PVP.

I must admit, after pretty playing every season of pvp on and off... i have had ups and downs... but this season is getting out of hand... if it's not the monumental amount of pettiness that players are displaying its the people so childish that they rather stay afk because of their incompetence... All of which has pretty drained whatever encouragement I used to have for playing pvp in this game... Now i know that whatever rubbish excuse the pvp devs have for continuing to allow this poisonous environment to fester... but if I could recommend simple solution for atleast 2 of the problems that this feature keeps having:

1) if a player is in the spawn area for 1-4 minutes the game kicks him (its that simple).
2) if a player is mouthing off too much he gets a team/map ban.
3) a player needs to have played atleast 10-30 games before can play ranked... or whatever make a filter i dont care.
4) punish the people being reported...

Probably not gonna mean much... but what the hell... gotta atleast try...

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