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LFGuild on Yak's Bend server (NA, PvE focused, casual player)

Hello potential recruiter :) I'm a returning player to the game and just picked up the path of fire expansion. Currently I'm looking for a guild for myself and potentially one other friend if he returns as well. As stated above I classify myself as a casual player. I can be on quite frequently when I'm not working so I'm trying to find a guild that is as active as possible, trying to complete the story, collecting hero pts and all that is much easier with a group. I hail from Arizona to give an idea of the time zone I'm in. I actively use VOIP(preferably discord) cause I feel that's the best way to communicate while playing. The entire time I've played this game I've never been in any active guilds, only friends' guilds that never really took off. So I've never had much experience raiding/running dungeons etc. But I am by no means new to MMO'S that's only been the case in this game. I currently have 3 80's (Thief, Necromancer and Engineer). None of which are geared well by any means. If I left anything out you'd like to know please ask.

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