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[EU] Elite Spec HP Run - The Legends of Avalon [LoA]

The Legends of Avalon invites you to join the guilds longest community running event, the Elite Specialization HP Run

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We are resuming our Elite Spec HP Run on 2nd December at 6pm GMT/ 7pm CET/ 8pm EET

We will repeat the run the following week on the 9th December before a holiday break.
The first run of 2018 will take place 6th January.

Due to the new expansion we will cover only the combat HPs in HoT (Verdant Brink and Auric Basin) and all HPs in the first three maps of PoF (Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands)
Please let the commander know before the event starts if you do not have PoF or HoT so we can advise you on how to best utilise our run^^

How to join this event
Look for our lfg post (with the tag [LoA]) 10mins before the events starts. Once in squad join us at Shipwreck Peak Waypoint [&BN4HAAA=]