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[EU] Newbie Raid Thursday - last thing before PoF hits! (Full)

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Edit: We're now full! Leave a comment if you want something like this to be organized again.

Hello you all!

It's been great fun! We've been all over Maguuma and done all sorts of stuff! As PoF is coming out, I imagine we will all be moving onto hardcore exploration / experiencing of the new content. The last event we'll do will be a newbie raid. Meant to get you into raids, if you've never done those!
The raids we have are challenging and fun. As they're the most difficult content in PvE, they are hard to get into. As a result, many people haven't even tried them!

Time, zone and date:

Thursday, 21st September 2017 (release is on Friday)
19:00 CEST - duration 2-3h


This will be a newbie raid. We'll have a few experienced people. The rest of the space is for people who have never taken a step into raids!
Ultimate goal: Kill between 1 and 3 bosses.

Bonus Notes

If you have indeed never raided, absolutely contact me in-game before-hand, so I can help you set up.
Raid will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Whisper me early to save yourself a spot.
Free muffins! Free churritos! Free peaches!
That's it! You can leave your character / account name here (reply to my comment), you can pm me, or just whisper me in-game a bit before it's time!

Hope to see you there :)

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