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LF Guild [EU] [PvE mostly] Looking for a nice friendly place.

I am mostly a giant noob, by the way. I only started playing this game properly last month, so I generally have no idea what is going on and my gear is random junk. :grin:

I am looking for a guild mostly to find some people to play around with, and to learn more about the game. So far I've been pootling around the story areas and exploring, but it's a little lonely on my own. I'm pretty gay and that needs to not be an issue. :3 Usually I play from about 9pm to midnight GMT every other day.

My server is Desolation, because I originally got the game 1 billion years ago and then never played it.


  • Hey :) our guild [sV] - silent voices, is a non-TS guild (and we will stay voice chat free). We are fairly small (45 members) and building up our guild hall. We do dungeons, fractals, metaevents, world bosses etc together :) Our guild missions are saturday 19.00 CET/CEST. We're pretty active in guild chat and pretty laid back. So if someone doesn't know the fractal or dungeon mechanic we take our time to explain it :) And we're also willed to help with every question you got :D
    You might wonder : why no TS? well we decided to refuse using any voice chat programme, because some of us don't want to use it or can't use it (hearing impaired, disabilities etc)
    If you're interested let me know ingame :)

  • Hey man! I'm in (SYM) Strapping Young Men based on Maguuma ( not required). We are a PvX Gaymer guild whom is always looking for more guys to join. We are very chill and drama free; no elitism present within the community. We are not as active as we previously were but we are hoping that with new members we can stir up activities like raids, PvP, WvW and social initiatives. If you are looking for a community of other gaymers to join we'd be happy to have you.

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