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Evon and Hero-tron return this season?

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For those who dont know these two were prominent characters during Season 1, had a couple of cameos during season 2 in open world, and are currently in LA, Evon walking and complaining around the city, and Hero-tron having a small convo with his ministrel "friend", and Ogden in OoW HQ.

I was happy to see Ellen in the prologue and epilogue since she hasnt done anything of significance after Season 1 (kinda like Evon and o-tron). Since she attended our victory party I hope she appears in episode 1 of LW4 or at the very least at some point in the season. But this got me thinking: Could it be that at some point Evon and Hero-tron return too?

What if: Ellen is among the captured humans and Magnus (who is her mentor and father figure), Hero-tron (who is a friend, both helped save LA and Ellen gave hero-tron his name), and Evon (who is still salty but might want Council favors or simply rub it in her face) go rescue her?

Or something more plausible: the branded attack forces even more refugees in LA. With Magnus, Kiel, and Hero-tron being the only ones who want to help but are overwhelmed and Evon and Consortium manipulate the refugees? After all a BLTC and Consortium representative were making deals with Zalambur who by all intentions seems to be a shady businessman.

Or maybe Im overthinking this? I miss Evon (mah Captain Council member!) and really miss job-o-tron (imo one of the best characters in S1), a bit bummed that he hasnt done anything significant other than being merch XD


  • ugrakarma.9416ugrakarma.9416 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Hope its sign of something big coming. Come on Anet, give us some hype.

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  • brenda.9723brenda.9723 Member ✭✭✭

    i really like hero-tron :)

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