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Equipment Tracker Achievement still broken (Screenshots)

I looked up fixes for this in this forum, asked in Map chat, asked in guild chat. No one has a workaround for this.
I found and interacted with all items for the achievement, but it didn't give me credit for the armor piece. But now I cannot interact with the armor piece to try again to get credit. However, I also do not get this dialog option that everyone is talking about which supposedly fixes the issue (as you can see.) I really don't want to have to wait months for a fix to get the griffon mount. (I'm having trouble attaching photos to this post. I'll try to post them as a comment. )



    That's the best I seem to be able to do for pictures. I don't know why they make it so hard to post pictures to this forum.

  • I think you're looking in slightly the wrong place, the chest is further back in the cave, just about right under the POI in there with rocks all around it (don't have a screenshot, but you can see the chest even when you've collected it, but I don't see it in your screenshot)

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