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[Alph] [PvX] Mature Guild, Open for Recruitment (UK / EU / Australia)

Alpharius [Alph] is looking for new recruits!
Following a period of absence, this older guild rebuilt its player base in mid-2017. We are currently open for new recruits.

Brief Overview:
Game Modes: PvX.
Server: Gandara (EU). [Only relevant for WvW].
Major membership countries: UK, EU, and Australia.
Membership type: Mature.
Peak activity: Evenings (approx 8pm-11pm); plus weekends.
Guild language: English (exclusively).
Discord server for voice comms (voluntary participation).

Why join?:
Mature membership and no drama policy: This is our primary recruitment basis. All members are required to have and display a mature attitude and behaviour – this does not correlate with a specific age limit. That said, please be aware that many (probably the majority!) of our members are older gamers (mid 20's, 30's, and 40's being most typical), and many (most in fact) have family responsibilities, and career / graduate / postgraduate activities that need to be accomplished in real life. Our playing time is tight and we don’t want to spend it resolving conflict. Hence social fit with our guild and philosophy is a principle concern.
Not a number: You don’t want a large anonymous guild, but one where people get to know each other, regularly play with each other and have mutual respect for each other.
You have limited playing time: You might be casual, or serious. You might play daily, or only once every so often. You might be a veteran, or relatively new. That’s fine with us. There won’t be any pressure to play more frequently than you are able.
No elitism: We are not going to force you to play a certain class, or a certain sub-build of a class, for any collective gaming we might run. We will never hold “trials” to see if you have the right amount of dps or stand in the right location for a particular dungeon, PvP, or to place some siege in WvW. But we can advise you and help you hone your (and our group’s) tactics and stratagems.

Contact for recruitment / Guild Leadership:
Feel free to message or whisper any of us in-game for a guild invite if you feel our guild and philosophy is for you.
Primary Contact = jabberjabber.6804 (Main Character: Aldronia).


  • In the past week, we have successfully completed Guild Market Restoration 2, and Guild Tavern Restoration 2, along with a number of minor upgrades to the Guild Hall.
    We are looking forward to heading deep in to the Crystal Desert when Path of Fire releases on Friday, but before then we have a couple of nights of activities planned including guild missions and a mini-Guild Hall Arena tournament.
    We remain open for new recruits to the guild, so if our philosophies and policies sound like they're for you, we would love to hear from you in game.

  • We are now 50 members in size, with over half active on a daily basis. We are aiming to grow a little bit more to ensure that we have good coverage for the events that we are holding within the guild, including Raids, map completions, guild missions, and various other collaborative efforts. If you are interested in joining a group of mature 20s, 30s and 40 year old players in a collegial environment, we'd love to hear from you.

  • [Alph] remains open for new recruits for the time being, who share our gaming philosophies and understand that real life has to come first. Our policy is not to kick people out if they have to withdraw from the game for a short period of time due to real life. If our guild description sounds like it is for you, please contact me in the game to discuss further and for a guild invite. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Can't be bothered with drama? Got no time for bickering? Neither do we.
    Families and careers that have to come first? Us too.
    Regardless of whether you are a GW2 veteran or relative new-comer, if you share our outlook and want to be part of a mature guild then [Alph] may well have a place for you. We try to experience the full range of activities the game has to offer - this includes nights dedicated to specific parts of the game such as raids, fractals, PvP, map farming, meta events and more besides. We welcome contact from any player who feels the same way as we do. We welcome contact via a whisper or mail within the game.

  • With Halloween, we are gathering as many pumpkins as we can to expand our guild hall decoration possibilities. All of our full members are able to decorated their own houses in our guild hall, the Lost Precipice if they wish to claim one of the houses there. We still have housing available for new members to claim should players be interested in joining us, and who share our outlooks.

  • As an indication of the kinds of activities that we get up to, here’s our schedule from a previous week:

    Mon: Guild Missions (missions that run will depend on degree of difficulty and numbers of players online; we tend to average 5 or 6 on these nights, and then Officers attempt the remainder as the week rolls on, again subject to numbers available. Repeats run by request as well).

    Tue: Halloween events (farming the Labyrinth to obtain pumpkins for the guild hall and our own profits; collective groaning at the jumping puzzle; seeing if we can do what the Mad King says!).

    Wed: Raid night (although we emphasise we are not elitist, we will ask members to sign up for this event in advance with specific builds). Good sense of humour helpful as we get wiped several times over!

    Thurs: Farming for the guild hall (this took place in Lake Doric for leather; previous events have been in Silver Wastes, Orr, etc.; the idea is to donate the key ingredients needed for our targeted Guild Hall upgrades, and keep the rest for your own profits!).

    Fri: Jumping Puzzle night. Lead by one of our JP experts, we tackled some of the tougher JPs in the game together ... with a bunch of Mesmer player portals to help!).

    Sat: Guild Hall Arena Tournament followed by PvP (our tournament is a knock-out format & best of 3 rounds for a small prize). After this, PvP in guild teams (looking to complete the PvP guild mission outstanding from Monday).

    Sun: Map completions. Lead by a guild member who already has a complete map, we follow them to the key waypoints and masteries on the map, taking part in meta events as they spawn.

    Other activities have included items such as Guild Hall Raptor Races (using our custom built race course in the Lost Precpice); Crystal Desert Bounty hunting; big meta events (such as Triple Trouble); Fractal nights; WvW missions (depends on numbers of players on linked servers); Dungeon nights; Achievements hunting; Hero point farming; and more besides. We regularly ask members what they’d like to see on the Schedule, and are responsive to the suggestions made.

    To be clear, we are NOT a hard core guild!, but if these sound like the kinds of events you’d like to participate in and help us with, we would love to hear from you.

    Should I not be online, please feel free to contact one of our other co-leaders:
    Garb Cost.3718

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • hi, I'm interested in your guild but I have a few questions is there required events or are people free to just avoid them if the event dosnt interest them and just have a bit of a social in cc? I'm from Australia and have a family so often will some times go longer then normal with no play time but I would always like a good group to jump back into with and not be a loner all the time. also I'm already in a very small guild with a few good friends but they don't play very often anymore will that be a problem at all?

  • Hi -- the events are voluntary, but encouraged (particularly for guild missions). Limited play time is fine by us (as is going a little while between logins). We prefer almost total representation to get to know people better, although we acknowledge almost everyone will have their own solo-guild. Happy to talk to you in game (and your friends as well should they be interested).
    Dorindon (Sigmar.2185) is our co-leader active in Australian prime time. Hence if I'm not online, there's a very good chance he will be available to chat with about our guild. Hope to hear from you soon in game!

  • hi, thanks for the reply I just wanted to say I'm more then happy to do group events I just wanted to clarify if I didn't attend some things or didn't get on for a while id be dismissed out of guild for non participation as I know some guilds are like that now as far as the representation goes I don't really know how it works if I'm not representing can I not talk in chat or anything like that? I'm more then happy to represent when I'm doing activity's and things. sorry for the replies on forums I will msg in game when I get a bit of time for a chat in game.

  • No -- just let us know and we certainly won't kick you :)
    I will send you a message in the game and we can go from there!

  • We have constructed a custom raptor race course in our guild hall. Every week or two, we have a little competition between guildmates around the race course for honour, bragging rights, the winner's name on a commemorative statue, and a small prize.

    Here's a video of a few of us testing out the course.

    If this kind of fun event is something you'd like to take part in and you agree with our guild philosophies, our next guild hall raptor race is this Sunday evening (GMT). We'd love to hear from you in game!

  • One of our longer term goals in [Alph] is to host a vast treasure hunt in our guild hall (Lost Precipice) with prizes available for our members to claim if they manage to find all of the clues. This goal will be realized with the launch of our custom event, "Raiders of the Lost Precipice", on 24th November 2017 at 21:00 UTC.

    We have made a primer video for this event and are currently in the midst of setting it all up.

    We would love to hear from players who would be interested in joining us for such events and who can adhere to our policies (above). Feel free to message or whisper me in the game if you would like to discuss joining our guild!

  • Recruitment to [Alph] is open again, after a period to allow newer members (individuals and couples) to settle in.

    We are interested in having mature players on board with us who share our outlooks (as above), want to represent us, and game in the evening times of CET/GMT, as well as mornings of AEST.

    Feel free to whisper me in the game or send a message should I not be online.

  • We are open again for recruitment! Looking for mature gamers who don't want drama, but want a guild that does things with each other later on in the evening (GMT / CET).

    Whisper me in game for more information.

  • Just wanted to say, thanks for having Hanmey and I in the guild. We're really glad to have found a home in GW2 at last :)

  • Mature membership/no drama? - you may be the GW 2 home I've been looking for.

    Brand new player, US server, likes casual group play as well as running solo, likes pve, hates pvp, never tried wvw.

    I'm 67 and retired so my time is my own and is flexible. 8 pm London time is 2 pm my time so I can definitely run with you all. My reflexes are slow and I'm not very good at the combat mechanics but I've fought in some of the world boss battles and lived to win some treasure. :) Will see if I can whisper you ingame.

  • Oh, my main character is Jane Ravenkin, a Norn ranger boosted to lvl 80. My main alt is Lady Jane Childe, a human engineer, leveling herself up. She's lvl 18 atm.

  • I will try to catch you online as soon as I can. The only slight concern is that the guild plays on EU servers. Hence if you are on NA servers as you post suggests, it could be an issue.

  • Although the holiday season is almost upon us, we remain open for new members who may be playing later in the evening of GMT and CET, as well as any early morning AEST players. We are currently collecting as many snow piles as we can for guild hall decoration pieces so that we can launch a new event in our guild hall in 2018.

  • Merry Christmas!
    [Alph] is open for new recruits in the holiday period. We are still after recruiting mature players looking for a drama free zone of all classes.

  • Happy New Year!
    We have slots open in January 2018 for any player who shares our philosophies and wishes to be part of our GW2 community.
    Feel free to message me or whisper me in the game to discuss further.

  • I would love to join your guild! My brother is UK based and I am Australia based but play at UK times so would be very keen to join. We are both casual at the moment but would definitely be keen to get involved in guild activities.


  • I shall try to catch you online tonight (GMT/CET). Feel free to whisper me when you see me online.

  • Have you ever heard Natasha Foxsong the Minstrel play Anthems in a guild hall? (Would you like to?)
    Are you looking for like minded, older players to share the game with?
    Need an intro to fractals from experienced and friendly guildies in a non-toxic atmosphere?
    Whisper me in game for more details if [Alph] sounds like the sort of guild you might be after.

  • We are open for new recruits once again for anyone interested in joining a mature member PvX guild.
    Our guild is approaching one of our big calendar events for the year: a wide-ranging Guild Hall treasure hunt / challenge / narrative roleplay along similar lines to our previous "Raiders of the Lost Precipice" competition. If this sort of event interests you, feel free to whisper me in game to discuss membership and a guild invite.

  • [Alph] is continuing recruitment - with a strong core and a huge range of activities there is something for everyone. Having been part of the guild since it's rebirth, it's amazing to see how far we have come!

    If you want to be part of our story, feel free to message me or jabberjabber.6804 in-game. If we aren't online, shoot us a mail.

  • We are currently collecting ingredients for a spell in the guild hall!

    If this is your kind of in-guild/in-house game, we'd like to hear from you :)

  • [Alph] is open for new members -- please feel free to whisper myself in game or send a message to discuss further / ask questions.

  • Still open for new members in the period up to the release of Living World Season 4, Episode 2!
    If you are wanting a drama free zone with adults in a PvX Guild Wars 2 guild, please feel free to whisper me or message me in game, or one of the other co-leaders (e.g., Garb Cost.3718 ).

  • Hey there. Are you still recruiting? Your guild sounds like a lot of fun and a great place to join to meet new people and try out some of the other group activities within the game :)

  • Yes!
    We have been a little silent here over the past few weeks, as word of mouth seems to have provided us with a number of new members recently without the need to advertise. We are happy to open up a new recruitment window here as well - no problem. I hope to chat with you (and others to whom our guild may appeal) in game soon.

  • After growing by word of mouth for a little while and allowing new recruits to settle in, we are re-opening recruitment here for a small window of time.
    Feel free to whisper me (Ald / jabberjabber.6804) in game or one of the other leaders for more information about potentially joining us.

    jabberjabber.6804 -- Garb Cost.3718 -- Shailyn Slay.7234

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    Hey there, I am new to this game and looking to be a part of an awesome community like yours. Just wondering if I could join your guild if we are in different server region.

  • Hi -- I will try to catch you in game for a chat. In brief though, if you play in the NA region, we would not be able to see each other or game together on screen (apart from chatting) and that would consequentially limit what we would be able to do together as a guild since we are based in the EU region.

  • We are re-opening recruitment here for a short period of time during the Northern Hemisphere summer.
    Current contacts to chat with about membership are: jabberjabber.6804 -- Shailyn Slay.7234 -- Discarnate.6537

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    Opening up again for recruitment for folks who want a later evening guild with no drama - please whisper me or one of the other co-leaders in game, or send us a message to discuss / for more information.
    Best wishes -Ald (jabberjabber)

  • We remain open for recruitment, and would welcome contact with any player who shares our background and philosophies.

  • We are re-opening our recruitment for a short period.
    We are looking for new members who would like to actively participate with our events (custom and regular PvX), represent, and want a mature guild.
    Current leaders to contact in-game are: jabberjabber.6804 (aka Ald) -- Shailyn Slay.7234 -- Discarnate.6537 -- Tarps.9602

  • Happy New Year!
    We now have in a place a unique Guild Hall Racetrack which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSbiu9K0Sgk (slower version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Z9OwbuMDg ).
    Recruitment is re-opening for a short period this month. Our current contacts in-game are:
    jabberjabber.6804 (aka Ald) -- Shailyn Slay.7234 -- Discarnate.6537 -- Tarps.9602 -- dragon.7860