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[EU] [Event] Walking Tyria

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What: Walk from Durmand to ??? (stage 3/4)
When: Sunday, 01/28 at 19.30h (UTC +1) - time doesn't change ;-)
Where: Durmand waypoint (Lornar's)
Estimated Time: 1h

We decided to embed the walk into a small story and here it is:

We are members of a scouts-patrol of the pact, sent by ship to Frostgorge Sound to spy out indications for activities of Jormag, one of the elder dragons, who put Tyria into fear and fright. We were surprised by a blizzard and furthermore got ambushed by Sons of Svanir. We lost our ship but survived the attack. Our goal is to get back to Lion's Arch and report our pact-leaders that we survived and what we found out. The kind Kodan helped us and adviced us to go to Hoelbrak, home of the sturdy Norn. Barely armed we start our journey from the coldest parts of Tyria into an uncertain future.

Part 2
Several weeks passed since we reached Hoelbrak. Luckily the Norn welcomed us warmly and of course handed us over lot's of fine handcrafted beer. They cured our injuries and we regained our strength and will to fulfill our task. We still do not know how they bear the cold - we assume it's highly related to their consumption of alcoholic beverages. We told their leader about the situation in Frostgorge. About the icestorm. About the hostile and aggressive Svanir. They seem to plan something. Something big. And they want to hide it under any circumstances. Meanwhile we wait for help of the Pact ... did they even send troops yet to meet us?
We decided we can't wait any longer but to make our own way to Lion's Arch and the headquarter of the Pact. Our path starts in Dredgehaunt Cliffs, crosses Lornar's Pass until we should reach Durmand. We gathered provisions and useful things. We are ready to commence ...

Part 3

Stage 1
Stage 2

RP will be possible in a RP-group or squad, but remains optional.

Do not run or mount, just walk. We will do any event that crosses our march, but we will walk no matter what.
Transformations or any other things that do not break walking are allowed.

Preparation: assign a key to walk/run as it's not assigned by default; assign a key to autorun, because it's easier to chat while still walking.

Screens or vids are welcome.

See you there on sunday :)


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    The walk from LA to Divinity's Reach was great success and great fun! Thank you very much who participated. Next Sunday we'll walk another route, that'll be announced here soon. Some impressions from the walk from LA to DR:

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    The next walk-event will happen next sunday. We thought about designing it more interesting, see the changes in the 1st post :-)

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    Stage 1/4: Not many of us survived, but we got a warm welcome in Hoelbrak after a long and tough journey:

    The Norn told us that the pact sent troops to support us and to escort us home to Lion's Arch. It'll take a few weeks until we can continue our travel, meanwhile we enjoy the Norn's hospitality and the beer ofc and we expect the arrival of Santa Charr (and our troops).

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    Part 2 of the journey will happen the day after tomorrow^^

  • I'd like to join your event when it will be goin live again.
    It would be a nice invest and sounds like fun. :)
    Thank you

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    @shiroecchi.5706 said:
    I'd like to join your event when it will be goin live again.
    It would be a nice invest and sounds like fun. :)
    Thank you

    You're welcome. Part 2 started a bit delayed, but we finally did it:

    Part 3 will happen in 2 weeks. It'll be announced soon :-)

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