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[EU] [Event] Walking Tyria

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What: tba
When: tba
Where: tba
Estimated Time: tba

RP will be possible in a RP-group or squad, but remains optional.

Do not run or mount, just walk (or use beetle, it walks slowlier than pedestrians^^). We will do any event that crosses our march, but we will walk no matter what.
Transformations or any other things that do not break walking are allowed.

Preparation: assign a key to walk/run as it's not assigned by default; assign a key to autorun, because it's easier to chat while still walking.

Retrospection of the 4-stages-Walk-Event from Frostgorge Sound to Arah:
We decided to embed the walk into a small story and here it is:

Part 1
We are members of a scouts-patrol of the pact, sent by ship to Frostgorge Sound to spy out indications for activities of Jormag, one of the elder dragons, who put Tyria into fear and fright. We were surprised by a blizzard and furthermore got ambushed by Sons of Svanir. We lost our ship but survived the attack. Our goal is to get back to Lion's Arch and report our pact-leaders that we survived and what we found out. The kind Kodan helped us and adviced us to go to Hoelbrak, home of the sturdy Norn. Barely armed we start our journey from the coldest parts of Tyria into an uncertain future.

Part 2
Several weeks passed since we reached Hoelbrak. Luckily the Norn welcomed us warmly and of course handed us over lot's of fine handcrafted beer. They cured our injuries and we regained our strength and will to fulfill our task. We still do not know how they bear the cold - we assume it's highly related to their consumption of alcoholic beverages. We told their leader about the situation in Frostgorge. About the icestorm. About the hostile and aggressive Svanir. They seem to plan something. Something big. And they want to hide it under any circumstances. Meanwhile we wait for help of the Pact ... did they even send troops yet to meet us?
We decided we can't wait any longer but to make our own way to Lion's Arch and the headquarter of the Pact. Our path starts in Dredgehaunt Cliffs, crosses Lornar's Pass until we should reach Durmand. We gathered provisions and useful things. We are ready to commence ...

Part 3
It was a long and hard walk for us until we reached Lion's Arch. The Sons of Svanir chased us into the deep woods of Lornar's Pass and we also had to defend us from aggressive Grawls. We were close to surrender, because it took so long to reach Durmand and we also had to get rid of lots of our provisions, because they hindered us and made us slow. We were beset by hunger and thirst ... it was no cakewalk.
At least the disheartenment vanished from our faces when we could catch sight of the walls of Durmand Priory afar and we regained our bravery to make the final steps.

The Priory welcomed us warmly and we could eat, drink and heal our wounds. But we didn't stay for long, we took the Asuran portal to finally reach Lion's Arch, where our commanders awaited us. The reunion was celebrated short but extensively. During our way back home the Pact had started an offensive against Zhaitan and his undead minions in Orr with huge casualties. It's our new mission to reinforce our troops and to report for duty at Fort Trinity in the Straits of Devastation. Our journey continues ... once again.

Part 4
Not far away from Lion's Arch in the south on our way to Fort Trinity we had to fight against Zhaitan's undead. One of them is not dangerous, but they often attacked in groups and tried to encircle us. Unwaveringly we continued our travel to the Fort. The closer we came the more undead were put in our way. But every dead undead intensified our will to accomplish our new mission: Defeating Zhaitan.
When we reached the Fort, things were in a bad way. The gates were heavily damaged, even the cannons seemed to suffer from fatigue, but what bothered us the most were all the dead and injured comrades from the pact. To see our good old friends, who vowed vengeance on Zhaitan, covered by cerecloth, imbued our hearts with grief and wrath.

Our instructions are clear: We must fight our way to the front in Cursed Shore to battle the elder dragon in Arah.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4


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