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[NA] SEA timezone GMT +8 Static Raid group recruiting

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Hey everyone!


Welcome to our static raid group recruitment.
We are a group of enthusiastic players based in SEA/Oceanic region who are interested in raid contents. Currently, we are looking for fully experienced raid players to complete our 10-man team for raid training and weekly clears. Our aim is to enjoy weekly raid clears with an extra element of fun and camaraderie. We also hope to progress further into low-man kills and new raid instances as a team.

About you

Weekly clear impossible due to limited opportunities?
Great passion for raiding
Keen in being a stable fixed group to meet any adversaries?
If the above ever crossed your mind, then this might be the place for you!


Schedule : 9pm - 11pm Monday & Tuesday (GMT+8)
We are usually active after 8pm in the mentioned timezone . Hence, our runs will be scheduled during this time range. Please note that the mentioned schedule is fixed, and we regret that individuals who are not able to comply will not be considered.

Having full clear experience for current 4 wings are highly recommended

Positions Currently Looking For

Magi/Harrier or Condi Druid
Chronomancer (Minstrel or Commanders)

Fun, loving and enthusiastic.
Well-versed with all the wings
Open to feedback
Usage of discord
Individuals with multiple raid-ready classes in the current meta and somewhat knowledgeable about them (rotations and utilities).

Exact details of the requirements can be found at the link below

How to join?

Join us @ https://goo.gl/ozAmTo
You can find the requirements in the form. Form provided by @Timeless Wingz.5973

Questions? Feel free to drop a mail @Timeless Wingz.5973