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recover item from gw2 support

I accidentally replace agony infusion to moto's blue infusion
so i contact support since September 09 , but they don't answer anything to me .
how long i have to wait?
I'm so worry because it's one time achievement reward :(
and Arenanet have any live support? or other contacts?


  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 16, 2017

    They are hugely queued up right now due to account related expansion questions. You will just have to wait it out I'm afraid.

    There is no live support from Anet, but they are very good at sorting these exact issues. All I can advise is patience - one person posted it took 2-3 weeks for a reply recently, but the outcome was positive at the end.

    Also, don;t make any new tickets for the issue in case you intended to. That will slow things down further and cause the queue to back up even more

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  • Thank you, I hope they will bring it back. :s