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Where will we be heading next?

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As we speak, ANet is most likely planning our 3rd expansion to GW2 now and who knows when or what it will be.
Atleast we can share our thoughts, theory, and other fun stuff. :)

As in PoF, we are finally in Elona, the land of Sun. As the premier of LS4, we are in

now as we'll be getting more places from Elona soon.
More of Crystal Desert, (Kourna, Dzalana, Scavanger's Causeway, Elon River, Dajkah, Istan etc) will most likely be covered up by the new Season of Living World.

Where do you think we'll go to our next expansion?

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Where will we be heading next? 16 votes

Cantha (Shing Jea Island, Kaineng City, the Echovald Forest and the Jade Sea)
56% 9 votes
Far Shiverpeaks
12% 2 votes
Blood Legion Homelands
12% 2 votes
Deldrimor Front
12% 2 votes
Maguuma Wastes
0% 0 votes
Janthir Bay + Isles of Janthir
0% 0 votes
Woodland Cascades
0% 0 votes
Unending Ocean
0% 0 votes
Blazeridge Mountains
0% 0 votes
6% 1 vote


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    EDIT: Removing this...

  • North! to Vab-... wait.

    Vinnorin Almar, Firebrand of Maguuma.
    I Crit Under Pressure is recruiting, message me for an invite ^_^

  • I actually dreamed about playing in Cantha again. Yeah, super nerdy. Would love it if Kaineng City had some of the verticality (is that a word?) of the HoT maps but easier to move between levels. Think lots of rooftop fighting, like the old Thief series.

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