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LF Experienced Raidig Group/Guild to complete both old and new wings


My name is Daniel and I've been raiding since day 1. I was never part of a raiding team/guild so eerything I've achieved I've did with LFG pugs groups. I have 200+ LI and I've killed every boss from the first 4 wings at least 10 times. I just came back to Raids after a 2 months break (focused on expansion stuff) for the new wings (and the new legendary ring, my engi likes full purple).

I have 3 classes I can use in raids:

  • My engineer (my main class) was my first class in GW2. Viper built, can go both condi viper engi or condi viper holo(the built for holo was not yet tested but it proved very good).
  • Warrior, either power PS or condi PS. I used power built in the early wings, when it was still a thing.
  • Druid, either zealot(for full heal), condi ranger base or condi druid(the current meta built). Used zealot one for W1-3 and the condi ones for W4.

About timing, I am from Europe and I would prefer some timezones closed to european ones. Raiding with LFG taught me to be patient(especially when people randomly leaves and you have to wait a lot for new ones to join). I want a clear experience and runs, without abusing bugs or exploits like some people on LFG prefer to do. I demand this thig because I am a 5 years old GW2 veteran, I like this game and I do not want to lose my account.

If you consider I would be useful in your team, do not hesitate to contact me in game (whisper or mail).

See you around!